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This site was developed for “all” women; the young, mature, single, married, divorced, single with children, widowed, etc…  It doesn’t matter what status or stage you are in life, we all have one thing in common; we are women!

Through this common bond of “womanhood”, it is my hearts desire to encourage, motivate and challenge women, via this website, to become that virtuous woman God has made us to be; women of character, strength, and enterprise!  I pray that the information shared on this site will be informative, encouraging, healing and transforming!  Please be sure to visit the “Selah Moments” page where I share words of wisdom from my heart to yours each week. Be blessed; be virtuous! 

For His Glory,

Elder Patty

Virtuous [vur-choo-uhs]

One who possesses strength, power, might (especially warlike), virtue, integrity and uprightness; an honest or upright person; to show oneself strong, to display valor; the ability to obtain wealth; one whose character is good, righteous, worthy, honorable, morally upright, honest and chaste.

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